Because every biker likes to be a little Quazy

BQuazy Is A Product Line Of Landmark Machine Company

Made in the USA

BQuazy is located in Huxley, Iowa.  Please call us at 515-597-BQZY (2799) to place an order over the phone or to ask any questions you may have in regards to our products.  All BQuazy products are designed and manufactured in the USA.  The following is our promise to you.  If we do not want them on our motorcycle than we will not put them on yours.

A Product Line is Born

It all began when Quazy Bob bought a Sportster from a friend who needed to sell it due to money troubles.  Bob really liked certain aspects of the 883R but he wasn't satisfied and he began to tinker.  After Bob added a few upgrades and a new sprocket he realized the factory sprocket cover wouldn't fit anymore.  So Bob started shopping around and wasn't satisfied with what he found online.  However, Bob had a machine shop so he decided to make his own.  It was in that moment BQuazy was born.

The Name BQuazy (Be-Kwaze)

I know some of you are very curious about this part and again the key to this story is Bob.  Way back when dinosaurs walked the earth, or was it Moses, could be the 70s.  I forget which one.  Bob was known for getting a little wild and his friends gave him the nickname Quazy Bob its even how he marked his tools.  Most riders are like Bob in some way.  The thrill and excitement drives us to push our boundaries and get a little Quazy but it is in that moment many of us really feel alive and free.  We wanted to inspire that in people.  So Quazy Bob decided he wanted everyone to know that it's ok to Be a little Crazy and thus our BQuazy product line was officially named.

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